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Boats: 2023 Key West

2023 Key West 210 BR
Length: 21'
Beam: 8'
Transom: 25"
Weight (lbs): 1900
Dead Rise: 19°
Draft: 12"
Fuel (gals): 60
Max HP: 250
Rec HP: 115-150
Persons: 7
Hull Material: Fiberglass
Status: Current Year - can be ordered by dealer

Ranging from the versatile 188BR to the expansive 250BR, the Bay Reef series will meet all of your inshore or nearshore fishing demands. Whether you are a recreational fisherman or a hardcore tournament angler, there is a Bay Reef for you. Every model includes two standard livewells, accommodation for even the longest fly rods, and the most storage and deck space in its class. The Bay Reef series also sports a bit less draft for improved performance and a great ride. The 210 BR has been specially crafted so that there is room for everything that a serious fisherman needs. The interior has been tweaked and squeezed to get everything a serious fisherman could ask for such as space for 10 seven-foot rods in the lockable rod boxes, dual live wells, spacious front and rear deck, under gunwale molded-in rod racks, and the first bay boat in its class with a potty room under the console. It is a family-friendly bay boat as well with features such as fold-away jump seats in the rear deck, and generous cup holders throughout.

Performance Report

Standard Features

Ten (10) Year Hull Warranty
No Wood-No Rot Construction
Foam Injected Fiberglass Stringer System
Closed Cell Positive Foam Floatation
Bilge Pump w/ Auto Switch
Single-leg Lean Post w/ 72qt Cooler & Slide
Forward console seating
Stainless Steel Steering Wheel
Sea Star Hydraulic Tilt Steering
Forward & Aft Aerated Live wells
Raw Water Wash Down kit (Hose)
Anchor Locker with Anchor
Spacious console ideal for Head / changing area w/ light
Black Rubber Rub Rail
Dual battery Switch
Windshield w/ grab rail
Large Compartment in bow
Courtesy Lights & Water-Resistant Switches
Trolling Motor Plug
Power Outlet in Dash
Console Rod Holders
Molded Non-skid Inner Liner
Built-In Fuel Tank
Pull-Up Cleats
Folding Stern Light
Lockable Forward Rod Storage
Fold-down transom seats with cushions
Molded in gunwale rod storage
6 Cup Holders
LED Livewell light aft
*Convenience Motor Package Prices Include Stainless Steel Propeller

Manufacturers Options (Check the options you want to price your boat)

Base Price$0.00
Sidewall Colors (Must Select 1)
Ice Blue$765.00
Manta Grey$765.00
Ocean Blue$765.00
Sea Foam Green$765.00
Slate Gray$765.00
Bottom Color (Select 0 or 1)
Add bottom color$655.00
Cushion Color (Must Select 1)
Premier Fog$0.00
Premier Opal$465.00
Engines (Must Select 1) (Included in Product Price)
Std Boat - NO prerig$29,840.00
Yamaha F150XB 4St*$47,755.00
Yamaha F175XA 4St*$49,855.00
Yamaha F200XB 4St*$52,555.00
Yamaha F250XB 4St*$58,335.00
Yamaha VF250LB 4St* 10" Jack$60,155.00
Jack Plate (Select 0 or 1)
Hydraulic Jack Plate 6"$1,800.00
Hydraulic Jack Plate 10"$1,970.00
Hydraulic Jack Plate 4"$1,825.00
A-La-Carte Motor Count (Select 0 or 1)
A-La-Carte Motor (No Prop Included)$385.00
A-La-Carte Motor 1 (Select 0 or 1)
Honda BF135A2XA$15,300.00
Honda BF150A2XA$17,280.00
Honda BF200DXDA WT$25,085.00
Honda BF200DXRA$22,295.00
Honda BF225DXDA WT$26,250.00
Honda BF225DXRA$23,835.00
Honda BF250DXDA$27,165.00
Honda BF250DXDA WT$27,700.00
Honda BF250DXRA$25,740.00
Honda BF250DXRA WT$26,020.00
Mercury 175XXL Fourstroke 4.8 1.85$20,510.00
MERCURY 200XL FourStroke 4.8 1.85$21,340.00
MERCURY 200XL FourStroke Warm Fusion White 4.8 1.85$22,635.00
MERCURY 200XL PRO XS 5.44 1.75$22,825.00
MERCURY 225XL PRO XS 5.44 1.75$25,385.00
MERCURY 250XL PRO XS 5.44 1.75$27,610.00
Suzuki DF115ATX$12,035.00
Suzuki DF115ATXSS$12,270.00
Suzuki DF115ATXW$12,335.00
Suzuki DF140ATX$13,070.00
Suzuki DF140ATXW$13,380.00
Suzuki DF150APX*$16,885.00
Suzuki DF150APXW*$17,250.00
Suzuki DF150TX$15,825.00
Suzuki DF150TXSS$16,410.00
Suzuki DF150TXW$16,180.00
Suzuki DF175APX*$18,070.00
Suzuki DF175APXW*$18,255.00
Suzuki DF175TX$16,565.00
Suzuki DF175TXW$16,900.00
Suzuki DF200APX*$20,300.00
Suzuki DF200APXW*$20,900.00
Suzuki DF200ATX$19,410.00
Suzuki DF200ATXW$20,000.00
Suzuki DF225TX$22,855.00
Suzuki DF225TXW$23,270.00
Suzuki DF250APX*$25,625.00
Suzuki DF250APXW*$26,335.00
Suzuki DF250SSTX$24,365.00
Suzuki DF250TX$24,170.00
Suzuki DF250TXSS$24,620.00
Suzuki DF250TXW$24,850.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F115XB$13,055.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F150XB$17,070.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F150XCA*$18,085.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F175XA$19,170.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F175XCA*$20,325.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F200XB$21,870.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F200XCA*$22,920.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F225XB$27,095.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F250XB$27,650.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F250XCB*$30,355.00
Yamaha Four Stroke F250XSB$34,335.00
Yamaha Four Stroke VF150XA$18,865.00
Yamaha Four Stroke VF175XA$19,240.00
Yamaha Four Stroke VF200LB$23,770.00
Yamaha Four Stroke VF200XB$24,240.00
Yamaha Four Stroke VF250XB$28,000.00
Yamaha Motor Color (Select 0 or 1)
Single Motor - Standard White Color$2,540.00
Single Motor - Two Tone/ Custom Color$2,880.00
Motor / Pre-Rig Configuration (Must Select 1)
A-la-carte Pre-rig$0.00
Honda Cable Analog$1,220.00
Mercury Cable Analog$1,210.00
Suzuki Cable Analog$1,310.00
Yam DEC CL5 Display$3,735.00
Yam DEC CommandLink 6YC Info Station$3,600.00
Yam Single Cable CL5 Display$2,770.00
Yam Single Cable CommandLink 6YC Info Station$2,780.00
Yam Single Cable CommandLink Round$2,100.00
Yam Single DEC Integrated Steering w CL5$3,765.00
Yam Single Integrated Steering No Gauges (NEMA) - requires integration kit$2,465.00
Yamaha Cable Analog$1,385.00
Yamaha Cable No Gauges (NEMA)$1,080.00
Yamaha DEC No Gauges (NEMA)$2,695.00
A-La-Carte Motor / Pre-Rig Configuration (Select 0 or 1)
HONDA - iST Single Engine NMEA backbone & gauges$4,395.00
HONDA - Mechanical Single HD4 Gauge$2,170.00
HONDA - Standard Single Analog$1,220.00
MERCURY - Mechanical Single Smartcraft$1,870.00
MERCURY - Single Fourstroke DTS 7" Vessel View w/ NO steering$4,980.00
MERCURY - Single Fourstroke DTS 7" Vessel View w/ Steering$6,540.00
MERCURY - Single Verado 7" Vessel View w/ Steering$7,700.00
MERCURY - Single Verado Smartcraft w/ Steering$6,095.00
MERCURY - Standard Single Analog$1,210.00
SUZUKI - Single Digital Throttle w/ 1 - C10 Gauge$3,465.00
SUZUKI - Single Digital Throttle w/ 2 - C10 Gauges$4,065.00
SUZUKI - Single Mechanical w/ 1 - C10 Gauge$2,625.00
SUZUKI - Single Mechanical w/ 2 - C10 Gauges$3,240.00
SUZUKI - Standard Single Analog$1,270.00
NMEA Integration (Select 0 or 1)
Garmin / Yamaha Cable Analog NMEA Integration Kit$1,400.00
Garmin / Yamaha DEC Non-CL7 NMEA Integration Kit (Bridge Required)$985.00
GPS (Select 0 or 1)
Garmin ECHOMAP 1042XSV GPS w/ NO TRANSDUCER$2,325.00
Garmin ECHOMAP 1242XSV GPS w/ NO TRANSDUCER$3,410.00
Garmin ECHOMAP 743XS GPS w/ NO TRANSDUCER$1,710.00
Garmin ECHOMAP 943XS GPS w/ NO TRANSDUCER$2,170.00
Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 64CV w/ CV23M-TM$850.00
Echomap Transducers (Select 0 or more)
Airmar B150 300W Chirp Thru Hull$550.00
Airmar B75 600W Trad / Chirp Thru Hull$1,150.00
GT22HW-TM Chirp/Clearvu Transom Mt & SpraySh$280.00
GT51-TM All in one Transom Mt & SpraySh (Garmin GT51-TM Traditional, Chirp, Downvu/Sidevu (recom as stand alone)$420.00
Electronics (Select 0 or more)
Clarion Extra 2 Speakers$120.00
Clarion GR10BT Bluetooth Stereo, 2 Speakers & MP3 Port$450.00
Fusion Bluetooth Sirius XM Ready Stereo w/ 4 Speakers$795.00
Fusion Extra 2 Speakers (Hardtop)$210.00
Garmin Fusionlink Stereo with 4 Fusion Spkrs (Requires Garmin / Yamaha NMEA Integration Kit)$965.00
Garmin VHF 115 W/ Antenna & GPS Location$825.00
Rub Rail (Must Select 1)
Black / SS Rub Rail upgrade$850.00
Black Rub Rail$0.00
White / SS Rub Rail upgrade$595.00
Bimini Top (Select 0 or 1)
Aluminum Bimini Top & Boot (Black canvas)$950.00
Aluminum Bimini Top & Boot (Cadet Gray)$950.00
Stainless Bimini Top & Boot (Black canvas)$1,485.00
Stainless Bimini Top & Boot (Cadet Gray)$1,485.00
T-Top (Select 0 or 1)
T-Top w/Radio Bx/LEDLts/CargoNt (Black Canvas)$5,385.00
T-Top w/Radio Bx/LEDLts/CargoNt (Cadet Gray)$5,385.00
T-Top w/Radio Bx/SpreaderLts/CargoNt POWDERCOAT (Black Canvas)$7,270.00
T-Top w/Radio Bx/SpreaderLts/CargoNt POWDERCOAT (Cadet Gray)$7,270.00
Hard Top (Select 0 or 1)
Hard Top Radiobx,Cargo Net, LED's, Rod Holders$7,600.00
Hard Top Radiobx,Cargo Net, LEDs, Rod Holders w/POWDERCOAT$9,495.00
Top Accessories (Select 0 or more)
Accent Colored Hard Top$395.00
Hard top water mister system (Requires Fresh Water System)$600.00
Helm Seating Configuration (Select 0 or more)
3.0 Single-leg Leaning Post w/ Backrest and Rocket Launchers$0.00
3.01 Single-leg Leaning Post w/ Backrest and Rocket Launchers- POWDERCOAT$625.00
3.4 72 QT Cooler and Slide for Single-leg Leaning Post$0.00
6 Prem Independent Flip bolster LeanPost w/backrest,rod holders$1,020.00
6..1 Prem Independent Flip bolster LeanPost w/backrest,rod holders w/ POWDERCOAT$1,865.00
6.2 94qt Cooler and slide for Prem Ind Flip Bolster LP$720.00
7 Flip/Flop Cooler Seat (Exch)$0.00
7.1 w/ Prem Cushions (for FF Cush)$0.00
8 Console Footrest/ Storage-Recommended with Premium LP$465.00
8.1 Led Lights for Footrest$310.00
Seating (Select 0 or more)
Casting Seat Base (1)$80.00
Casting Seat Bases (2)$155.00
Casting Seat w/ post only$340.00
Canvas (Select 0 or more)
.Shipping Cover$320.00
.Shipping Cover for T-Top$420.00
Console Cover, Sunbrella (Black)$565.00
Console Cover, Sunbrella (Cadet Gray)$565.00
Flip-Flop Cooler Cover (Black)$310.00
Flip-Flop Cooler Cover (Cadet Gray)$310.00
Leaning Post Single Leg Cover (Black)$350.00
Leaning Post Single Leg Cover (Cadet Gray)$350.00
Leaning Post w/ Flip Bolsters Cover (Black)$350.00
Leaning Post w/ Flip Bolsters Cover (Cadet Gray)$350.00
Mooring Cover, Std (gray only)$785.00
Mooring Cover, Sunbrella (Black)$1,800.00
Mooring Cover, Sunbrella (Cadet Gray)$1,800.00
Spray Shield (Black)$555.00
Spray Shield (Cadet Gray)$555.00
T-Top / Hard Top Gull Wings (Black)$510.00
T-Top / Hard Top Gull Wings (Cadet Gray)$510.00
T-Top Cargo Net (Black)$185.00
T-Top Cargo Net (Cadet Gray)$185.00
T-Top Console Cover (Black)$610.00
T-Top Console Cover (Cadet Gray)$610.00
T-Top Mooring Cover (gray only)$900.00
T-Top Mooring Cover, Sunbrella (Black)$1,835.00
T-Top Mooring Cover, Sunbrella (Cadet Gray)$1,835.00
Cushions (Select 0 or more)
Bow Cushion$440.00
Small Front Bow Sides (2)$585.00
Electronics - Lights (Select 0 or more)
Interior LED lights (Blue)$235.00
Underwater Lights$465.00
Trolling Motor Packages (Select 0 or 1)
IPilot Minn Kota RipTide 80lb Terrova, Quick Rel & Charger$3,495.00
iPilot Minn Kota RipTide 80lb Ulterra, Quick Rel & Charger - 24v Trolling Motor Package$4,540.00
Other (Select 0 or more)
Aft Recirculating Livewell$380.00
Bow Lifting Eye$125.00
Fresh Water Station$655.00
High Pressure Wash down (pump)$270.00
Molded Swim Platform with Ladder$565.00
Poling Platform$1,110.00
Poling Platform POWDERCOAT$1,755.00
Pop-up Fender Holders (4)$180.00
Powerpole trans mt 8' - White only$2,580.00
Removable Rail & Windshield$350.00
Toilet, Portable$120.00
Trim Tabs with Level indicators$935.00
Powdercoat color (Select 0 or 1)
Black Powdercoat$850.00
White Powdercoat$0.00

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